Si se puede soldar un perno,
Bearfix se lo suelda.

Short cycle – SC

Soldadura de pernos de arco corto | Bearfix

Short cycle welding is based on the same principle as conventional arc welding but with much shorter exposure times managed by microprocessor. It welds without protection and is indicated for thin and medium thicknesses in which a high welding rate prevails. In thin thicknesses there is a mark on the obverse. The studs have a special taper.

Technical data

Stud type Material Standards Mechanical characteristics
Welding Stud short cycle (SC) Steel (4.8 *1) copper plated ISO 898-1 Rm ≥ 420 N/mm2 ReH ≥ 340 N/mm2
1.4301/03(A2-501) ISO 3506-1 Rm ≥ 500 N/mm2 Rp0,2 ≥ 210 N/mm2, AL ≥ 0,6

According norm EN ISO 13918

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