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Modelo PRO-I 2800

The microprocessor controlled PRO-I 2800 inverted stud welding unit convinces with its excellent welding quality. Modern inverter technology guarantees very precise control and high reproducibility of the welding process, as well as very high arc stability, also in cases of short welding times and low welding currents.

The unit offers high welding power (max. Welding diameter 25 mm). Thanks to the innovative cooling concept, a high duty cycle and thus fast welding sequences are guaranteed. Due to the considerably lower weight compared to conventional stud welding units, it is ideal for mobile use. An integrated wide-range electronic power supply unit enables operation in a 320-495 V supply area. Therefore, the PRO-I 2800 can also be used in cases of problematic power supply (for example, with long extension cords or generators) without difficulties. The robust construction allows the use also in harsh environments.

The PRO-I 2800 is designed for short cycle and drawn arc welding. The welding current and time can be adjusted continuously, of course, it is equipped with constant current regulation. The unit is easily operated by a very robust rotary pressure switch, all functions and parameters are displayed on a large screen.

Pre-installed welding programs make it easy to choose the correct setting values ​​for different welding tasks. In addition, user-specific welding programs can be stored. The modular design of the unit allows the customer the specific choice of equipment characteristics. All optional equipment features can be adapted.

Integrated weld parameter monitoring enables quality control of finished welds. By default, the parameter sets for the last ten welds are stored. The available optional weld parameter memory allows storage of 24,500 welds and has a USB interface for data transmission to a PC.

Optionally, the unit can be equipped with a shielding gas module for gas welding and an automatic module to control the VBZ automatic bolt feeder and an automatic welding gun.

The PRO-I 2800 Unit as a unit can equip up to 4 welding guns with different welding setting values ​​(current and time). The Equipment automatically detects which gun is to be used. All gun connections can be equipped with a shielding gas module. For this operation of connecting up to four stud welding guns in a single unit, an external adapter called PRO-SPLIT is required, which is available as an accessory.

The trolley version of the PRO-I 2800 with two large and extremely robust wheels and removable telescopic handle is ideal for mobile use on construction sites.

Technical specifications

Welding range Ø 2-25 mm
Weldable materials Steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Welding method

(according to DIN EN ISO 14555)

ceramic shackle & short shackle

optional: arc with ceramic (shielding gas)

Welding current 100-3150 A, adjustable
Welding time 5-1500 ms, adjustable
Power supply Inverter
Mains plug CEE 125 A (optional: CEE 63 A)
Mains supply 320-495 V, 63 A, 50/60 Hz
External mains fuse 125 AT (optional: 63 AT)
Protection IP 23
Dimensions (WxHxL)  550x850x650 mm
Weight 102kg
Suitable welding guns PHM-10 short arc PHM-12 arc with ceramics

PHM-160, PHM 161, GD 16, GD 22, GD 25

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