CNC/Bearfix 2000x1000 | Equipos de soldadura

CNC / BEARFIX 2.000 X 1.000

Technical specifications

Working range 2000 x 1000 mm
Number of machines 1 PRO-C capacitor discharge equipment 1,000
Number of heads 2 KKA 200
Number of automatic feeders 2 x VBZ
Welding range Ø M3 – M10 LENGTH: 8 – 40 mm
Speed 280 mm/SEG (18m/MIN)
Accuracy +-/0,2mm
Repeatability +-/0,05mm
Welding capacity Up to 40 bolts / min
X-Y axis Servocontrolled and programmable (Z axis on demand)
PC Industrial, control and programming
Touch screen 24″
Connection Remote connection via wifi
Program upload via USB or via network (WIFI, Ethernet)
No. of programs Unlimited
Programming variables Coordinates, heads, welding power … via touch panel
Accepted templates Excel template or ccv file
Barriers Photoelectric safety
Flanges Pneumatic
Possibility of adapting universal tools Milling machines, adhesive applications, etc.
components and controls Universal high quality electrical
Certificate CEE
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