If you can weld a studt,
Bearcat solves it

Weld studs

The only national company dedicated to 100% of stud welding applications, from the automotive industry, civil construction, to the small workshop, with a large stock of machine studs and spare parts to attend to your “just-in-time” demand, and a technical team with More than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Bolt welding allows through a simple process the union of screw / bolt and sheet without the need to pierce the surface, creating a heterogeneous union and eliminating production costs, a simple and economical process.

Depending on the plate thickness and application, there are three different types of process that determine the welding source and the type of stud.

Capacitor discharge – CD

Drawn Arc with Ceramic Ferrule – ARC

Short cycle – SC

Shear Connectors – SD1

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