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Model PRO-C 1500

The PRO-C 1500 microprocessor controlled stud welding unit is designed for capacitor discharge stud welding. The microprocessor control, the continuous adjustment of the charging voltage and the switchable capacitance ensure, in connection with the high performance of the unit, optimum welding results and repeatability. Extremely short charging times and therefore fast welding sequences are carried out via the charging plates of the inverter with electronic clock. The unit is easily operated by a robust rotary potentiometer, all functions and parameters are displayed on a visual screen.

Pre-installed welding programs make it easy to choose the correct setting values ​​for different welding tasks. In addition, user-specific welding programs can be stored. The modular design of the unit allows the customer the specific choice of equipment characteristics. All optional equipment features can be adapted.
Integrated monitoring of welding parameters enables quality control of conducted welds. By default, the parameter sets for the last ten welds are stored. The optional available weld parameter memory allows the storage of 24,500 welds and has a USB interface for data transmission (welding parameter sets) to a PC.

Optionally, the unit can be equipped with an automatic module to control the VBZ automatic bolt feeder and an automatic welding gun.

For the operation of up to four stud welding guns with different setting values ​​to load voltage and capacitance in one unit, the PRO-SPLIT external adapter box is available as an accessory. The PRO-SPLIT adapter box automatically detects which gun to use.

Technical specifications

Welding range Ø 2-10 mm
Weldable materials Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass
Welding method
(according to DIN EN ISO 14555)
capacitor discharge (contact and gap)
Welding time 1-3 ms
132000 µF
(88000 µF/44000 µF)
Charging voltage 60-200 V, continuously adjustable
Charging Power 2640 Ws (1760 Ws/880 Ws)
Power supply Capacitor bank
Mains plug Ground contact plug according to DIN 49441
Mains supply 230 V (+/- 10%), 2 A, 50/60 Hz
(convertible to 115 V (+/- 10%), 4 A, 50/60 Hz)
external mains fuse 10 AT
Protection IP 21
Dimensions (AxAxL) 275x260x470 mm
Weight  20kg
Suitable welding guns PKM-1B, PHM-1A, PKA-500*, PHA-500*   * With automatic module
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